Modern Marketing is Data Driven and Automated – Still Common Business Wisdoms Never Die

When offering any services, the “customer journey” usually follows like this:

Initial interest interaction takes place (search, social, radio, tv, etc…) via a website form or phone call, a meeting is scheduled, a proposal is made during the free consultation stage and an agreement is hopefully made after all concerns have been answered on both sides who mutually benefit. At each interaction time and money is spent toward the final Sale.

Marketing lead generation is generally direct response, meaning the problem (emotional/financial pain) and solution (qualified expert service) message follows concisely across every media channel.

Simple right?

How you create interest and start a relationship with potential clients can range a broad spectrum. My biggest winner and market disruption happening today is Facebook. Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media Advertising, Search Ads, Traditional Print Media to name a few. It’s important to keep expanding all channels with a strategy for Content and Curation. This requires strategic time, creative time and money.

First, think about 3 channels you can invest your time in. One primary channel often takes the majority of your time over the others because there will be a larger reach in one space.  My go-to channels are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. (Google/Bing/Yahoo Ads)

You gain an easy traffic boost from cross-network content sharing and all the traffic/SEO link benefits from these high ranking authority domains.

When running any paid advertising it’s important to ensure you can make a return in revenue. In my next post, I’ll talk about how you can increase $$$ revenue in any digital campaigns by using simple attribution tagging every platform comes with and more key success measurements including:

  • Offline Conversion Data (Custom Conversion)
  • Campaign Funnels Tracking and Customer Journey Targeting (Think Budget allocation)
  • Retargeting Audience Segments (and Lookalike audiences)
  • Google Tag Manager (highly valuable and free – thanks Google.)

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