2020 Marketing Technology. How well can you see ahead of the new year resolutions?

In the past 2 years, computer solutions have raced so fast to new heights it’s all become a blur. How do you fix this blurry vision?

Today, Google and all new software being developed include features that provide a bird’s eye view on what’s going on, sort of like a pair of spectacles for your software that’ll have you seeing 2020.

Marketing Technology in the year 2020 will be all about visually mapping out your data and infrastructure, providing digestability and complete visibility so nothing falls between the cracks.

Are you ready to upgrade? It’s challenging to make sense of it all, but my mission is to bring accessible technology to aid in what we aim to achieve.

Revenue and Tracking Key Metrics

(Closing the deal.) Revenue Keeps The Lights On.
Tracking Valuable Metrics.
  • lead generation (phone/web)
  • phone calls (or other online lead qualifiers)
  • appointment setting
  • consultations
  • final agreement
  • payment!

This is your common sales funnel. If you’re lucky enough to win your prospecting clients. Marketing is often said to be many things, technical, creative, expensive – and of course necessary. Key is to do it well, and make multiple times over what you have to spend. Afterall, profits keep the lights on.

Integration of the companies Sales CRM, call center (call tracking), Google Ads, Bing, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics is a good start. (hope you have something better than SmartSheets keeping leads, sales and contact records.) Maintaining all of your Website UTM Tags in Google Tag Manager is powerful, easy to maintain, fast and secure – and so much more. By leveraging these tools you’ve started to get smarter at marketing and will instantly benefit by seeing clearly where to allocate ad spend to make the most potential sales revenue.

Modern Marketing is Data Driven and Automated – Still Common Business Wisdoms Never Die

When offering any services, the “customer journey” usually follows like this:

Initial interest interaction takes place (search, social, radio, tv, etc…) via a website form or phone call, a meeting is scheduled, a proposal is made during the free consultation stage and an agreement is hopefully made after all concerns have been answered on both sides who mutually benefit. At each interaction time and money is spent toward the final Sale.

Marketing lead generation is generally direct response, meaning the problem (emotional/financial pain) and solution (qualified expert service) message follows concisely across every media channel.

Simple right?

How you create interest and start a relationship with potential clients can range a broad spectrum. My biggest winner and market disruption happening today is Facebook. Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media Advertising, Search Ads, Traditional Print Media to name a few. It’s important to keep expanding all channels with a strategy for Content and Curation. This requires strategic time, creative time and money.

First, think about 3 channels you can invest your time in. One primary channel often takes the majority of your time over the others because there will be a larger reach in one space.  My go-to channels are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. (Google/Bing/Yahoo Ads)

You gain an easy traffic boost from cross-network content sharing and all the traffic/SEO link benefits from these high ranking authority domains.

When running any paid advertising it’s important to ensure you can make a return in revenue. In my next post, I’ll talk about how you can increase $$$ revenue in any digital campaigns by using simple attribution tagging every platform comes with and more key success measurements including:

  • Offline Conversion Data (Custom Conversion)
  • Campaign Funnels Tracking and Customer Journey Targeting (Think Budget allocation)
  • Retargeting Audience Segments (and Lookalike audiences)
  • Google Tag Manager (highly valuable and free – thanks Google.)

Omni-channel Communications: How many ways do you currently engage prospecting clients?

In todays competitive market, the speed of evolving technologies continues to rise rapidly. This has provided many cheap, or even free resources/tools for you to solve real world business problems in record timing.

You now longer need expensive Vendors or months of dedicated downtime to make major infrastructure improvements that empower your employees, clients and business to move with less friction towards their desired goal.

At minimum every business should use the first 3 communication channels listed and with todays choices they’re all available for relatively cheap and easy to setup (basic IT skills needed).

  1. Website (includes Live Chat)
  2. Phone
  3. Email
  4. SMS

Today, a client approached me wanting to program automatic and personalized email messages to pending sales whom we’re unable to reach via phone.

An email funnel requires copy, design, approvals and other background infrastructure setup, which in the day to day, could mean a 3-4 weeks turn around time. However, the best channel to reach a person with urgency us hands down SMS texts.

In less than 1 hour, I had a working local contact number of the organizations city headquarters assigned for $1 a month and pennies per message paid as used. The key to deployment with unprecedented speed is to use simple integrated platforms that are plug and play.

This recipe included:

  • Google Sheets
  • Zapier
  • Twilio

The possible applications are almost endless spanning from IVR routing, Callback Surveying, and two-way SMS to name a few.

To infinity and beyond!

Facebook Ad Objectives

Tonight I launched two dozen new ads using the Landing Page Views and Lead Generation (Lead Form) objectives.

There are so many possible combinations for ad creatives that I am crafting for various projects in the Financial Services to Yoga industry.

Based on lowest cost per interest, the Lead Form ad type has been the most successful in bringing the most volume of valuable Conversions. However, the Landing Page Views and CPC are comparable performers. Lead Form ad specs are the quickest point of conversion with it’s native platform user experience – next I’d try another presentation for warming up the lead using Instant Experiences – presenting more video and image informative content.

“Safraz” – What does my first name mean? (Google Rank 1)

Your name of Safraz has given you an expressive, diplomatic, and refined nature.

Although you have a good appreciation of material values, business ability, and skill in organizing and managing others, your success is restricted by a lack of self-confidence and initiative.

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You are always well-groomed yourself, and you judge others by your own standard.

You do not like to rough it or use much physical energy.

Through your diplomatic ways you are able to call on the assistance of others to avoid such matters.

You have good business judgment but lack the confidence to carry out your own ideas unless assisted by an associate.
Health Analysis

From a desire to eat too many rich foods, your health could suffer through kidney and generative troubles or any problems affecting the fluid functions of the body.