Revenue and Tracking Key Metrics

(Closing the deal.) Revenue Keeps The Lights On.
Tracking Valuable Metrics.
  • lead generation (phone/web)
  • phone calls (or other online lead qualifiers)
  • appointment setting
  • consultations
  • final agreement
  • payment!

This is your common sales funnel. If you’re lucky enough to win your prospecting clients. Marketing is often said to be many things, technical, creative, expensive – and of course necessary. Key is to do it well, and make multiple times over what you have to spend. Afterall, profits keep the lights on.

Integration of the companies Sales CRM, call center (call tracking), Google Ads, Bing, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics is a good start. (hope you have something better than SmartSheets keeping leads, sales and contact records.) Maintaining all of your Website UTM Tags in Google Tag Manager is powerful, easy to maintain, fast and secure – and so much more. By leveraging these tools you’ve started to get smarter at marketing and will instantly benefit by seeing clearly where to allocate ad spend to make the most potential sales revenue.

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